Info about Regatta (english)

5.000 m long distance regatta

  1. Location: Vienna – DonaukanalDate: Saturday, May 11th 2019
    Start: 10:30 (tbd)
  2. Entries close
    Sunday, April 28 2019
  3. Entries
    All entries must be submitted via the online entry system at Entries are validated with receipt of the entry fee.Entries are validated with receipt of the entry fee. By means of the notification, the rowing club grants the consent to the publication of start lists and results by name and picture for the persons who are registered by him.
  4. Entry fee
    € 240.- entry fee; € 200.- entry fee until March 17 2019; € 180,- entry fee is applicable for contestants in the Capital Cup All contestants will receive a goody-bag. Payment information will be sent after registration Wiener Ruderclub Pirat, IBAN: AT50 3225 0000 0190 9803
  5. Boat classes
  6. Age Categories
    The draw is based on categories: the first group to start are the eldest MW, followed by the same age group MM, then categories alternate m/w down to the Juniors. Due to logistical necessities chances are possible.
  7. Starting procedure
    All contestants must be in position 30 minutes prior to their start time. It is essential to follow the instructions of race staff in order to ensure a smooth running of the race. The boats will start in the order of their race numbers and are to wait in that order in the Watergate exit.  Boats will have a rolling start with 30 seconds between each boat. The start line is 100m above the marshalling area.
  8. The Course
    The pre-start is at Donaukanal-km 6,9, the starting line is at Donaukanal-km 6,8. The first part of the Course follows 2,500 m upstream. There will be the meantime and the race will be neutralized. After all the boats pass the meantime-line, there will be instructions given for the turn. The turning prozedure will be showed in the infobrochure and in the regatta Meeting. After passing of the meantime-line Downstream the time will be activated again. The second part of the Course will be 2.500 m Downstream. The turning will not be part of the measured time. The current of the Donaukanal is > 5 km/h, there are no pillars and only slight bends. Start and finish lines and the meantime-line are marked on the quay wall. The canal is 40-50 m wide and there are no buoys. Whenever possible, slower boats must give way to overtaking boats, providing the siuation allows it.
  9. Warm up zone
    A sufficient number of rowing ergs will be provided.  Boats must not engage in warming up on the water due to lack of space
  10. Awards
    Overall Male: an award each will be given to the three fastest male Crews. Overall Female: an Award each will be given to the three fastest female Crews
    Mixed: an award will be given to the fastest mixed crew
    Categories: The Categories will be set due to entry result. Up to three master-categories can be consolidated. Also 8x+ crews will be set to categories to achieve the highest degree of fairness and consistency.
    University Race: an award each will be given to the three fastest Crews.
  11. Capital Cup
    The winner of the Capital Cup 2018/19 will be awarded with the Challenge Cup. The three fastest teams will receive medals.
  12. Boating and Rigging area
    A map of boating and rigging areas as well as instructions for trailers and cars will be sent to all interested parties via e-mail, and are published on the regatta Homepage.
  13. Race numbers
    Race numbers will be provided on May 11th between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.  For special arrangements please contact us at
  14. Victory Celebrations
    Victory celebrations will take place at 6 p.m. at the „Herrmann Strandbar“, followed by party and Music.
  15. Liability
    Boats are not insured by the organiser. Competitors are responsible for their own personal fitness. Responsibility for any personal or property damage will not be accepted by the regatta. Competitors are required to take out insurance themselves.
  16. Drug abuse
    The committee is empowered, by any means including random tests on competitors, to ensure the compliance with drug abuse rules. If prescribed drugs can be found on the doping list, a certificate of exemption must be filed with NADA Austria GmbH and the ÖRV (Austrian Rowing Association). Forms can be found at
  17. Approved by the technical commission ÖRV



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