Results 2022

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See here the full results of the races:

RankingStartnummerAbteilungWertungsklasseName of your teamName of your clubBoat ClassTeam genderOK AlterklasseDELTA Elapsed TotalBonus NightrowBonus STAWJury decisions
1255513M 8(x)+Bajai Spartacus SCBajai Spartacus Sport Club8+M Manopen00:15:1700:00:1600:00:20
2228211JM 8+LIA Juniors MEWRC LIA8+M ManJunior00:00:1900:15:3600:00:2000:00:10
3256513M 8(x)+The VikingsRudergesellschaft Wiking e.V.8+M Manopen00:00:2700:15:4400:00:1600:00:18
4258513M 8(x)+Steiner Hund – MännerSteiner Ruder Club8x+M Manopen00:00:4400:16:0100:00:1000:00:16
513737MM D/E 8+All Stars MastersRgm. IST/DOW/RCG/FRI/MON8+M ManMasters D00:00:4500:16:0200:00:1800:00:10
622428MM B/C 8+Győr Masters 8+Győri Atlétikai Klub8+M ManMasters B00:00:5200:16:0900:00:1000:00:12
722328MM B/C 8+V8- CrewRgm. LIA/DBU/PIR8+M ManMasters C00:00:5800:16:1500:00:1600:00:10Corrected by +5 sec. by Jury
8227211JM 8+Győri Atlétikai ClubGyőri Atlétikai Club8+M ManJunior00:01:0300:16:2000:00:0600:00:16
9252511JM 8+Uni 8erWiener Ruderverband8+M ManJunior00:01:3900:16:5600:00:0600:00:02
10254512W 8+Linzer SprintladiesRV Wiking Linz8+W Womanopen00:02:1300:17:3000:00:02
11253512W 8+LIA Senior WomenRgm. LIA/STA8+W Womanopen00:02:2900:17:46
1221514MX C 8+Csepel mix MastersCsepel Rowing Club8+X MixedMasters C00:02:4700:18:04
13146410JW 8+SzupercsapatGyor Athletic Club – GYAC8+W WomanJunior00:02:5600:18:13
14251511JM 8+donau 8erWiener Ruderverband8+M ManJunior00:02:5800:18:15
1522629X 8x+Steiner Hund – MixedRGM Stein/LIA/ Pirat8x+X Mixedopen00:02:5900:18:16
1621414MX C 8+X8 ViennaWRC Pirat8+X MixedMasters C00:03:0700:18:24
1713232MX C/D 8x+ALERg. KRV Alemannia/LIA/FRIESEN8x+X MixedMasters D00:03:0900:18:2600:00:02Corrected by -7 sec.
18145410JW 8+LIA Juniors WEWRC LIA8+W WomanJunior00:03:3000:18:47
1921815MW 8x+SchlumpfinenWRV Donauhort/AUS/ALE/FRI8x+W WomanMasters C00:03:3800:18:55Corrected by +5 sec. by Jury
2022529X 8x+NormaniacRuderverein Normannen8x+X Mixedopen00:03:4700:19:04
2121615MW 8x+LIA FrauenRgm. LIA/PIR8x+W WomanMasters D00:03:5700:19:14
2213637MM D/E 8+TRESNJEVKA MASTERS 8+Tresnjevka8+M ManMasters E00:03:5800:19:15Corrected by -3 sec.
2313333MX D 8+LIA MixRGM LIA/ MON8+X MixedMasters D00:04:0800:19:25
2414141MX E/F 8x+LIA Oldboys and girlsRGM LIA/Elida/SNP8x+X MixedMasters F00:04:2100:19:38
2513132MX C/D 8x+Rocket MixWRC Pirat8x+X MixedMasters C00:04:2400:19:41
2614241MX E/F 8x+ELL/LIA/STE/TURV ELLIDA8x+X MixedMasters F00:04:4100:19:58
2721314MX C 8+Hendrix mixNGusar / Jadran / Tresnjevka8+X MixedMasters C00:04:4600:20:03
2821111MX E/F 8x+Golden Girls & BoysWRC Pirat/ Ellida8x+X MixedMasters E00:05:0600:20:23Corrected by +5 sec. by Jury
2921212MX C/D 8x+Rowing Friends Ister NibelungenRG Ister Linz / Nibelungen Klosterneuburg8x+X MixedMasters C00:05:1000:20:27
3014342MX C/D 8x+SPONTANEOUSWRC Pirat8x+X MixedMaster D00:05:2700:20:44Corrected by -5 sec.
3122228MM B/C 8+Austria8Wiener Ruderverein Austria8+M ManMasters C00:05:3600:20:53
3214446MW 8+Ondina RowingOndina8+W WomanMasters E00:05:5800:21:15Corrected by -5 sec.
3322124MX C 8+I barcaroli tiberiniC.C. ROMA8+X MixedMasters C00:06:1100:21:28
3413433MX D 8+GŐR Master MIX 8GYAC Győr8+X MixedMasters D00:06:2900:21:46
3513536MW 8+I fiori tresteveriniC.C. ROMA8+W WomanMasters E00:07:1400:22:31
3621715MW 8x+RV AlbatrosRV Albatros8x+W WomanMasters E00:07:3000:22:47
37257513M 8(x)+Team KarlRgm. LIA/PIR/DOW/STA8+M ManopenDNF

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