Info about regatta (english) – Updates will follow shorly


4.800 m long distance regatta

Place: Vienna – Old Danube

Date: Saturday, May 13th 2023

Start: several divisions, starting at 11:00 a.m.

Entry deadline

Friday, 29th April 2022


Registration for the regatta is via . The registration is valid after

payment of the registration fee.

With the registration the registering club gives its consent for the

consent to the publication of starting lists and results

of start lists and results with name and picture.

Entry fee

€ 250.- per boat

€ 180.- per boat for teams participating in the Capital Cup.

For each entry an invoice including the terms of payment will be sent.

Reduction of € 25,- per boat on the entry fee for holders of a Raiffeisen account.

Each participant will receive a goody bag including a T-shirt or similar.

Boat class


Age categories

JM/JW, BM/BW, M/W, all MM and MW categories.

Mixed boats are allowed. Both 8+ and 8x+ boats are eligible.

are eligible to participate. Multiple starts of persons as coxswain or oarsman are allowed.

rowers are allowed.

Starting order

In the first divisions the oldest masters classes will start, in the last

the last divisions the youngest age groups. It will be attempted

to determine starting fields that are as equal as possible. Due to logistical

(double starts of participants or boats) there may be deviations from the rules.

deviations from the rules may occur.

Starting procedure

All participating teams must be in the starting area 15 minutes before the start.

5 minutes before the start at the starting line to align the boats.

to align the boats. Late arrival will be penalised with penalty minutes equal to the duration of the delay.

the duration of the delay. The instructions of the staff must be

The instructions of the staff must be followed in order to ensure a smooth course of events.

The warm-up area and further information on starting positions can be found in the information brochure.

information brochure.


The boats will start in sections of 5-12 boats (depending on the registration

and division) in a mass start. Start and finish line will be at the same

in front of the WRC Pirate boathouse and are marked with buoys.

marked with buoys. The course leads along the eastern side of the

side of the Gänsehäufel to the Kagraner Brücke, where a turnaround will be

will be carried out. Two turning buoys have to be passed accordingly.

be passed. The return trip takes place on the western side of the Gänsehäufel.

Slower boats must allow faster boats to overtake without hindrance.

according to the race situation.

Intermediate sprint

There will be two sprint classifications where time bonuses will be awarded.

will be awarded.

Intermediate Sprint 1 – „Night Row Sprint“: distance 350m from Gänsehäufel

Bathing area end to RV Friesen.

Intermediate Sprint 2: „STAW Sprint“: Distance 450m from Gänsehäufel.

Bathing area start to RV STAW.

The sprint areas are marked with buoys and described in detail in the information brochure.

described in detail in the information brochure.

The 10 fastest boats in each sprint area will receive time bonuses.

Time bonuses.

1. 20 seconds, 2. 18 seconds, 3. 16. seconds, 4. 14 seconds, 5. 12

seconds, 6. 10 seconds, 7. 8 seconds, 8. 6 seconds, 9. 4 seconds,

10. 2 seconds

Warm-up zone

A sufficient number of rowing ergometers will be provided for warming up.

provided for warming up. Warm-up areas on the water are marked in the

information brochure.


Overall winner men: The fastest three eights will receive prizes.

Overall winner women: The fastest three eights will receive


Mixed: the fastest mixed boat will receive a prize of honour.

Category: Category winners will receive medals. The categories

will be defined according to the entry results. Up to three

master categories can be combined. This division,

and that of the 8x+ teams will be made at the discretion of the

at the discretion of the regatta organisers in an effort to ensure maximum

and balance.

University Race: the fastest three university teams will receive prizes.

prizes, scoring will be based on the Capital Cup handicap rules.

Capital Cup.

Capital Cup

The winner of the Capital Cup 2022 will receive the challenge cup. The three

fastest teams in the overall ranking will receive medals.

Saddle places

The plans of the saddling places and information on

and information on boat launching possibilities at the rowing clubs on the Old Danube are

in the information brochure.

Issue of start numbers

The distribution of start numbers and collection of goody bags will take place on 13 May 2022 between 16:00 and 20:00.

2022 between 16:00 and 20:00 h and on 14 May between 8:00 and

10:00 hrs at the WRC Pirate. Special arrangements are to be clarified via

Award Ceremony / Celebration

The award ceremony of the regatta will take place from 18:30 at the WRC Pirat.

followed by a celebration.


Boats are not insured by the organiser.

Each participant is responsible for his/her own fitness.

The organiser does not accept any liability whatsoever for personal

personal injury or damage to property.

Each participant must take out his/her own insurance.


The organiser points out that doping controls may be carried out at any time during the regatta.

doping controls may be carried out at any time during the regatta. For prescribed medication,

which are on the doping list, an exemption must be obtained in advance and

and send it to NADA Austria GmbH and to the ÖRV.

ÖRV. Forms can be found at:

Regatta competition regulations

The regatta will be held according to the WRB of the Austrian Rowing Federation.

of the Austrian Rowing Federation.

Genehmigt von der Technischen Kommission des ÖRV am 14.2.2022 bezüglich der Konformität zum Regelwerk des ÖRV und etwaiger Abweichungen davon. Der veranstaltende Verein haftet für die Einhaltung aller anderen (auch behördlicher) Regelungen.

Contact Organiser

Daniel Drobil


Tel: +43 664 22 693 44

WRC Pirat, Steamboat Pile 65, 1220 Vienna

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