The race will start and end in front of the hosting Club „Pirat“ where all spectators and team mates will have a great view from two terraces.

There will be several divisions, in each one approximately 10 boats will have a mass start.

During the first 1.000 meters the Old Danube is very wide – after that it’s getting a little bit narrower. So be sure to be in a good position when entering the „Gänsehäufel island“.


Passing the 1.500m mark it’s time to earn some bonus seconds, or not – depending on your strategy (and power). The NIGHT ROW SPRINT is marked by two buoys and 350m long. The fastest boat on this leg will receive a 20 seconds time bonus, the second 18sec., the third 16 sec., and so on, and the 10th fastest, as you can surely calculate – 2 seconds.

You can earn a lot of time, but maybe you shouldn’t waste too much energy on this…

The sprint is named after the famous night sprint race that took place exactly there a few years ago.


Almost half of the whole track finished (around 2,2km) – now it’s time for the race turnaround. It will be marked by two buoys, and it’s up to you to find out if it’s better to go on rowing with high speed and take a long turn, or stop the boat and stay tight to the buoys. Anyway, surely the port side crew will be the luckier one. And please have a smile on your face – the photographers will be very active there.


No time to waste after the race turnaround – only 300m further it‘s time for the second sprint, the STAW sprint. Same mode, same time bonuses, but 450m lenght. Still enough left in your tanks? Keep in mind, after the STAW sprint it’s still 1.500m to go until you reach the finish line.

The sprint is named after the rowing club you see on your right hand side while finishing the 450 meters – they have been hosting the STAW Sprintregatta for approximately 100 years now. (You pronounce it like „staff“, but with a „SCH“ in the beginning, eg. when you tell your cox to SHut up when he/she wants you to push harder and you’re already fainting.)


You may get prepared for some „conversation“ with other boats when passing the tight spot. There‘s space for two boats neck and neck, but definitely not for three.

Good thing about the tight spot: it‘s only 1.000m to go.

Wienerachter Race Track